Where do I log in?

Log in at https://admin.noraff.com/login.

Why do I get an error when I try to change a user’s email address?

You may be using an invalid email address format or trying to use an existing email address. First, make sure you’re using the example@email.com format. An email address in use by another user is also considered invalid. If you’re running into this issue, use a different email address for the new or updated account.

Can I access API?

Yes, contact us to get access.

Why would I assign an advertiser to my offer?

You can aggregate offer stats in reports by advertiser ID or name by assigning an advertiser. You can then use advertiser-related features like Advertiser Security Tokens and Advertiser Invoices.

If I cancel my NorAff account, can I reopen it later?

Yes! To reactivate your account, just reach out to our sales team at noraff@egmont.com.